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Tom's Studio One Dip Wonder

Tom's Studio One Dip Wonder

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Welcome to the revolution, courtesy of Tom's Studio. Meet the One Dip Wonder — not just a tool, but a revolution in the ink-drenched trenches of calligraphy.

If you've ever been in the zone, only to have your vibe killed by re-dipping, then this little marvel is your new best friend.

Remember, though, with great power comes great responsibility: keep your spring and magnet clean and dry post-adventure to ensure their longevity. Because nothing's sadder than a hero worn down by neglect.

Important stuff:

💜 Plays nice with the big boys of the nib world — think Nikko Gs, EF Principals, Hunt 101s, and the illustrious Blue Pumpkin —  the Brause EF needs to sit this one out, mind

💜 Attach it to the back of your nib, right under the breather hole, like you're giving your pen a tiny, magical backpack

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