Rogue Letters studio bewdley

Welcome to the pen cave

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and most weekends, you can find me getting inky in my Bewdley studio — my cosy corner is open to the public, and is a playground for the calligraphy-curious and stationery-obsessed.

Think of it as your go-to spot to dip your toes (or rather, your pens) into the inkwell of modern calligraphy, get your stationery fixes, and maybe even find your new favourite hobby.

Rogue Letters studio bewdley

This time it's personal

In the studio, you'll find all the treasures from my online store, along with some exclusive studio-only goodies. Oh, and you can get them personalised right there on the spot. Instant gratification at its finest.

The studio is usually open between 11am and 4pm; however, I do close the studio when I am teaching, or gallivanting round extremely cool stationery conventions.

Feel free to double check my open days with me before you visit. There are also up-to-date opening hours on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

bewdley museum worcestershire

My not-so-secret hideaway

The Rogue Letters studio is tucked away in the ridiculously charming Bewdley Museum grounds.

You can find me in the museum's sawyard, along with three of my fellow craftspeople and the culinary delights of the Garden Kitchen Cafe.

You can also find other craftspeople in the museum's shambles and foundry studios.

Wander in from Load Street or make a dramatic entrance through the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Gardens off High Street.

bewdley severn riverside market

Make a day of it

Bewdley is a little gem where the past isn’t just remembered, it’s a part of the daily walk.

Old-world streets lined with indie shops where you can buy things you didn't even know you needed, quaint cafes that serve personality alongside stellar coffee, and riverside walks so scenic, they'll ruin all other rivers for you.

Oh, Bewdley. It's like stepping into a Wes Anderson film, but without the pastel overload.

It's Bewdiful.

  • carole carlton mrs darley's herbal bewdley museum

    Mrs Darley's Herbal

    Carole Carlton runs Mrs Darley’s Herbal at Bewdley Museum, offering herbal teas, skincare, and gifts. A Reiki master and author, she now focuses on teaching complementary therapies and spirituality locally, hosting various workshops and Reiki courses in Bewdley.

    Mrs Darley's Herbal 
  • morena artina bewdley museum

    Morena Artina

    Morena Artina, an intuitive artist creates vibrant paintings inspired by nature and animals — she has a soft spot for wild hares. A self-taught artist, she explores shapes and colours without traditional constraints. Her popular works and personalised giftware, including mugs and prints, are available online and at her studio, Hare Cottage Art.

    Morena Artina 
  • lyons wood emporium eric bewdley museum

    Lyons Wood Emporium

    Eric Lyons is a skilled French polisher, modern wood finisher, furniture restorer, and woodturner with over 55 years of experience. Previously a senior lecturer, he now offers both group and one-to-one tuition at Bewdley Museum, sharing his extensive knowledge and passion for woodcraft.

    Lyons Wood Emporium 
  • from the wildwood amanda bewdley museum

    From the Wildwood

    Amanda Wildwood specialises in sterling silver and gold vermeil jewellery, as well as enchanting faerie wing earrings. Inspired by faerie folklore and the Wyre Forest, her Bewdley studio is home to created and curated jewellery collections. From the Wildwood creations are sold globally online, at UK events, and in her studio, where she collaborates with her son Alex.

    From the Wildwood 
  • pewter works bernice le cornu cantrill bewdley museum

    Pewter Works

    Bernice Le Cornu Cantrill crafts unique pewter jewellery and objets d'art, starting with custom designs cast from high-grade, lead-free pewter. She meticulously files, polishes, and finishes each piece by hand, offering personalization for bespoke gifts. Her work is tarnish-resistant and maintains its polish over time. Bernice also offers courses and demonstrations.

    Pewter Works 
  • hilary baker foundry artists bewdley museum

    Foundry Artists

    Hilary J Baker, inspired by individual character, creates diverse media artworks that are collected globally. Her recent works delve into the physical memories left by individuals, exploring traces and environmental interactions. She also leads creative classes and consults on educational creativity.

    Hilary J Baker