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Have we met?

Hi, I’m Dani, the brains and perpetually ink-stained fingers behind Rogue Letters.

If you’re on the hunt for calligraphy supplies, a stationery fix, or a modern calligrapher who can make your next event a little less ordinary, you’ve stumbled into the right corner of the Internet.

Oh, and if you fancy wielding your own pen and learning how to create modern calligraphy, I've got you covered there, too.

I want to know more
wedding seating plan on mirror with calligraphy

Work with me

If you're in the market for a Worcestershire-based modern calligrapher to inject a little handcrafted magic into your next event or business venture, let's talk.

I’m your go-to for:

  • place cards
  • digital calligraphy
  • chalkboards
  • mirrors

But honestly, I’m happy to try my ink on just about any surface brave enough to take it. So, throw your wildest ideas at me, and let's make something memorable.

I've got ideas
beginner calligraphy worksheet with pointed pen and black ink

Learn with me

In my beginner classes, we dive into the essentials of modern calligraphy, from maintaining your tools to transforming those spaghetti-like strokes into art.

A space in my class gets you 2.5 hours of calligraphy instruction, as well as a workshop kit with everything you need on the day, and to continue practicing at home.

Enjoy personalised support, warm drinks and sweet treats in Bewdley's own cosy stationery corner.

I'm ready to get inky
  • wedding signage calligraphy chalkboard

    The Boho Bride Guide

    In this summer festival-themed wedding feature, my chalkboards played the role of the cool, quirky cousin, adding a splash of funky flair to Bennetts Willow Barn.

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  • digital calligraphy lettering design


    At PechaKucha Birmingham, I delivered a talk on how modern calligraphy isn't just fancy lettering — it can also be a form of self-care.

    Watch here 
  • shinah chang crooked calligraphy podcast dani Brushfield-Smith Rogue Letters

    The Shinah Show

    I chatted with my former teacher, Shinah Chang, about the rollercoaster of kicking off a creative business, and how calligraphy can turn the messy into the magnificent.

    Listen here