dani Brushfield-Smith Rogue Letters

Hey, I'm Dani

I'm a former copywriter turned modern calligrapher and hand letterer.

You could say it’s always been about pretty words — except when I worked in a comic book store. Then, it was all about using my sweet staff discount on Star Wars merch and wearing too much eyeliner, but I digress.

In 2018, I traded my keyboard for ink and nibs to dive hands-first into the world of modern calligraphy.

Now, I sling my pen to craft custom stationery, bespoke signage, and one-of-a-kind artwork for indie brands, eclectic events and anyone hunting for a gift that says, "Hey, I’m not like everyone else."

When I'm not Scrooge McDuck-ing into a pile of pens at my Worcestershire studio, you might find me attempting an offensively large jigsaw puzzle, quoting Buffy or hunting down more flair for my apron.

I hear 37 pieces is a good amount to have.

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