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The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal

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This isn’t just any journal; The Five Minute Journal is the trailblazer that set the world on fire with guided journalling back in ‘13.

Packed with a no-nonsense, yet weirdly insightful intro to the world of mindfulness and positive psychology, it’s like the indie film of journals — cult classic guaranteed.

Crafted for those who live life at warp speed, it offers six months of bite-sized rebellion against negativity.

With five daily prompts, it’s all about gratitude with a side of self-growth sprinkled with weekly challenges that dare you to step out of that oh-so-comfortable comfort zone. That’s right, just five minutes to ditch the drama and amp up the gratitude.

Important stuff:

💜 264 pages of 100% recycled, compostable, and FSC-certified paper

💜 Undated, so you can start any time

💜 A slim version of an A5 journal with a snazzy linen cover

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