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Rhodia Touch White Maya A5 Cross 'n' Dot Pad

Rhodia Touch White Maya A5 Cross 'n' Dot Pad

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Slide into the world of Rhodia Touch White Maya paper, where each sheet is smoother than your best pick-up line and whiter than my favourite t-shirt.

Let's talk about the Cross 'n' Dot pattern — it's the paper's way of saying, "I got you," with its coy pattern of crosses and dots that play hide-and-seek with scanners and cameras, ensuring your work looks as good digitally as it does in your hands.

Tired of tearing out pages like you're wrestling a bear? These sheets have micro-perforations, making detaching them as smooth as your exit from a party you never wanted to attend.

Important stuff:

💜 50 sheets of the finest 120gsm PEFC-certified paper   

💜 A5 size with a super handy cross 'n' dot grid to keep you on the right path

💜 Made in France

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