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Rhodia Touch White Maya A4 Plain Pad

Rhodia Touch White Maya A4 Plain Pad

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Whether you're wielding a pencil, felt tip, fineliner, or the mightiest pen, Rhodia Touch White Maya paper is your playground.

Ink? It practically pirouettes across the surface, drying quicker than you can say "plot twist." And for those who enjoy a bit of artistic roughhousing, fear not. This paper is the Chuck Norris of sheets, taking your scratching and scrubbing without so much as a fluff.

The White Maya paper boasts a smoothness that's smoother than your smoothest smoothie. Trust me, it's like drawing on a cloud.

Each sheet is like a little secret agent, ready to detach at a moment's notice, thanks to some slick micro-perforations. And that cover? It's not just a cover. It's a 270gsm black Maya card, tougher than the exterior of an angsty teen, embossed with the Rhodia Touch logo.

Important stuff:

💜 50 sheets of the whitest 120gsm paper in existence

💜 These sheets are A4+, so your normal A4 that's been to the gym

💜 Made in France

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