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Rhodia Touch PAScribe Carb'On Pad

Rhodia Touch PAScribe Carb'On Pad

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Introducing the PAScribe pad, an enigma wrapped in black with whispers of grey lines, straight from the desk of the illustrious Paul Antonio. This isn't just any pad; it's a shadowy companion for your calligraphic escapades.

Picture this: 60 sheets of perfectly smooth paper beckoning your pen to dance across its surface. And not just any dance, but a perfectly aligned tango, thanks to those faint grey lines ensuring your script never misses a step.

Bound at the top with the elegance of a top hat, each sheet is micro-perforated, ready to detach on your whimsical command. 

Important stuff:

💜 120gsm smooth black paper with feint grey lines to keep you on the straight and narrow

💜 Pages measure 210mm by 318mm, so let's say A4+

💜 Made in France

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