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Ink & Spoon Fruit Notecards

Ink & Spoon Fruit Notecards

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Want to actually make someone's day instead of just double-tapping their latest post? Check out these zesty notecards —  they're like sending a hug through the mail, but with less awkwardness and more fruit.

Each pack contains 5 notecards; on each one you'll find a tiny lemon or blueberry illustration casually hanging out in the lower right corner. Why? Because life's too short for boring stationery.

Important stuff:

💜 The notecards are A6 and come with 135gsm envelopes

💜 The notecards are 300gsm with a hammered texture, which is stationery speak for "fancy enough to make your pen feel special."

💜 Designed and made in the UK by Ink & Spoon

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