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Hello Time Undated Planner & Notebook

Hello Time Undated Planner & Notebook

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Hey, you — yes, you, juggling a gazillion things and still trying to keep your cool. Meet the Hello Time Undated Planner and Notebook. It's not just a planner; it's your new partner in crime for organising this chaotic thing called life. 

First things first, this isn't your average planner. It's an award-winning, magazine-featured superstar.

Think of it like the Meryl Streep of planners — versatile, acclaimed and undeniably brilliant. Having bagged the Diary/Organiser of the Year 2022 award and more, this bad boy is your new secret weapon for time management.

The design? Oh, it's sleek. We're talking modern, gender-neutral, monochrome vibes. It's like if minimalism and maximum efficiency had a baby. 

Inside, it's a wonderland of organisation. With just enough structure to guide you (but not enough to stifle your creative genius), you'll find spaces for everything:

  1. Goal-Setter: Dream big and plot your takeover.
  2. 12-Month Week-to-View Diary: Undated, because time is a construct, right?
  3. To-Do Pad: For all your lists (even the list of lists).
  4. Notebook: Pages upon pages for your masterplans and midnight thoughts.
  5. Project Planner: A 7-step guide to world domination (or, you know, your next big project).
  6. Ideas Pad: Your blank canvas for those lightning-bolt moments.

But let's talk materials. This planner isn't just pretty; it's tough. The planner is bound in a way that would make ancient librarians weep with joy.

And those pages? Thick, bright white, 110gsm FSC-certified paper, perfect for scribbling with anything from a ballpoint pen to the fanciest fountain pen.

Important stuff:

💜 The planner measures 19.5 x 23 x 2.5cm — so let's say A4-ish

💜 Designed and made in the UK by Hello Time

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