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Tom's Studio Flourish Oblique

Tom's Studio Flourish Oblique

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From the big shot Nikko G down to the petite rockstar Brause 66EF, there isn't a nib that the intimidatingly gorgeous Tom's Studio Flourish Oblique calligraphy pen can't handle. 

Forget the drama of faffing around with pliers and screws — you can change your nib in just a few seconds and get back to the important task of wondering if you left your coffee on the roof of your car. 

Appreciating that no two calligraphers are the same, the Tom's Studio Flourish has an adjustable flange that creates a truly bespoke writing instrument; goodbye paper snags, hello inky good times.

Packaged in a box so fancy you’ll want to keep it and made from recyclable materials like brass and aluminium, Mother Earth fully backs the Flourish.

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