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Calligrapher in Training Pencil

Calligrapher in Training Pencil

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Feast your eyes on this purple marvel, the "Calligrapher in Training" pencil. It's your snarky little reminder that the art of calligraphy is an endless road of ups, downs, and loop-de-loops.

Emblazoned with your new mantra in shimmering silver foil, they whisper, "You've got this, but let's keep it humble."

It's ideal for laying down the bones of your next masterpiece or for endless basic stroke practice because, let's face it, muscle memory is the real MVP here.

Important stuff:

💜 2B graphite pencil with a tiny miracle worker of an eraser on top

💜 "Calligrapher in Training" because in this arena, the only finish line is the one you draw with your own, ever-improving hand

💜 Printed in the UK

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