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Tombow A4 Bristol Drawing Pad

Tombow A4 Bristol Drawing Pad

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This pad from Tombow boasts a smooth surface that's so inviting, your pens and pencils might start moving on their own.

And the bright white? It's like the glare of the spotlight on your artistic debut. With high opacity, your creations won't have the embarrassment of showing through to the other side. Classy, right?

Brush pens, fineliners and pencils, and even Indian ink, all bend the knee to the might of this Bristol Paper.

So, if you're ready to take your scribbles, sketches, and artistic schemes to the next level, this Bristol Drawing pad is your willing accomplice. Bring your tools of the trade and let's make something weird, or beautiful, or both.

Important stuff:

💜 25 sheets of smooth, bright potential

💜 A hefty 250gsm, this pad is no lightweight contender

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