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Pentel Fine Tip Paint Markers

Pentel Fine Tip Paint Markers

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Introducing the not-so-ordinary, practically invisible-scent Pentel Paint Markers that even this sensitive nose approves of.

Crafted for those whose hobbies teeter on the edge of creativity and chaos, this marker isn't just a tool; it's your silent accomplice in the quest for artistic domination, armed with a pigment so permanent it laughs in the face of temporality.

And the surfaces it can conquer? Oh, please. Thick card, metal, glass, plastic, rubber — it's like asking, "What can't this marker do?" 

And the colours? Get ready for a palette that even the dreariest of offices couldn't dampen.

From the regal gold to the deep, mysterious pearl black, and the whimsical pearl light blue to the sunshine-in-a-bottle cream yellow — this marker collection is the rainbow connection for the colour-starved.

So, whether you're plotting your next big art installation or simply vandalising your own stuff for the aesthetic, these markers are your ticket to a world less ordinary. Choose your weapon wisely.

Important stuff:

💜 Durable 2.9mm bullet fine tip

💜 Permanent, opaque pigment-based ink 

💜 Best stored vertically, so stand them up like cute art supply soldiers


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