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Tom's Studio Calligraphy Ink

Tom's Studio Calligraphy Ink

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Picture this: ink so smooth it's like the velvet darkness of midnight; colours so vivid they pop like a sarcastic retort. This isn't your grandma's ink; Tom's Studio Calligraphy Ink is tougher than your favourite leather jacket once it dries.

The acrylic ink is a bold declaration of endurance and richness, waterproof and unyielding. Besties with dip pens and brushes, but gives the cold shoulder to fountain pens.

Important stuff:

💜 Each bottle comes with its own pipette because Tom's Studio believes in art, not argh

💜 Encased in glass because plastic is so passé

💜 30ml of liquid acrylic charisma — that's more ink, more attitude, and definitely more art

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