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Ecoline Watercolour Ink

Ecoline Watercolour Ink

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Dive into the world of colour with Ecoline Watercolour Ink — it's not just any ink; it's like the charismatic sidekick your art never knew it needed.

Picture this: a bottle so stable it rivals your favourite yoga pose and an opening wide enough to dip your brush or pen directly. 

But wait, there's more —  a pipette that's not just handy, it's a game-changer. Want to mix it up in a tray or go rogue (hehe) and drop it straight onto your masterpiece? This little guy's got you covered.

And let's talk about the colours — they're not just vibrant, they're alive — transparent hues that pop on white or light-coloured paper like a burst of laughter in a silent room.

Important stuff:

💜 Each 30ml bottle is a colourful concoction of dye and gum arabic 

💜 These bad boys cling to watercolour paper, drawing paper and card stock, like they were meant to be together forever

💜 Use with your favourite water-based brush pens for some showstopping ombre effects

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