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Bewdley Bridge Postcard

Bewdley Bridge Postcard

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Imagine this: you're wandering through the sun-dappled streets of Bewdley, the rays of sunshine so bright and glorious you almost forget the existential dread that usually accompanies your afternoon strolls.

And then, there it is, the Bewdley Bridge, looking so vibrant and picturesque it almost seems to mock your usual gloom. So, what do you do? You capture this audacious display of beauty in the form of an A6 postcard, obviously.

Important stuff:

💜 Crafted on 350gsm heavy cardstock because anything less would be an insult to the Bewdley Bridge itself

💜 A6 in size — just like a postcard, what are the odds?!

💜 Uncoated, so you can scrawl your deepest, darkest, or possibly brightest musings on the back


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