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12th May: An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy

12th May: An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy

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Location: The Rogue Letters studio in Bewdley Museum

Time: 1.30pm — 4pm

In my laidback beginner class, I'll walk you through everything you need to know about practising modern calligraphy, from how to care for your tools to troubleshooting the most common curveballs.

Once you're acquainted with your new calligraphy goodies, we'll look at the building blocks of letters, the recipe for each letter of the alphabet, and then once we're feeling alphabet-strong, we'll dive into words.

Calligraphy is a slow and meditative sport, so once we start dipping our nibs, prepare to feel super chilled out and for the rest of the workshop time to whizz by.

Oh, and it doesn’t matter one jot if your cursive is trophy-worthy or your scribbles look like a crime scene. The moment that nib hits the paper, you’ll see calligraphy is a whole different game.

That’s why we’ll kick things off with a solid half-hour just getting cosy with your new tools. We'll cover everything from care for your nib to the proper way to hold your fancy new calligraphy pen.

Important stuff:

💜 After purchasing, you will be sent a registration email so I can find out everything I need to make up your personalised workshop kit

💜 As places are limited, I don’t offer refunds — but you are welcome to transfer your booking to someone else if you can’t attend

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